14 June 2020

Trafficking survivors in Andhra call for restoring committees to support rehabilitation

With the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown impacting sex workers harshly, the collective, including leaders of Vimukthi and ILFAT (Indian Leadership Forum Against Trafficking), has sought help from the government to provide alternate sources of livelihood, ration cards and monetary compensation.

11 June 2020

Crisis Of The Migrant Workers In India

The reason for the massive failure of implementation the several well meaning directives was the lack of a system in place.

02 June 2020

Four Human Trafficking Survivors Reveal Untold Horrors the Lockdown has Brought Upon Them

Offering a glimpse into the atrocities committed against women, she tells us, “Traffickers are coming inside the homes and scaring the women, telling them that if they step out of their homes, acid will be thrown on them, and their houses will be burnt down. Harassment has increased since the lockdown began.”

28 April 2020

'Death Will Come Faster': Without Ration Cards, AP Sex Workers Wait for Govt Aid amid Lockdown

Bhanu Priya, 25, a sex worker, managed to earn Rs 5,000 a month. The money allowed her to pay for food and rent and also raise her four-year-old son. For nearly two months, however, Priya has had no work or money. With the coronavirus pandemic forcing the country into lockdown, the business has dried up. With no ration card, transport and no savings, Priya is now at the end of her tether. "If this goes on, my son and I will die of starvation," she said.

10 December 2019

How 2,500 survivors have come together to start a forum to fight human trafficking

The Indian Leadership Forum Against Trafficking (ILFAT) was formed to end all forms of human trafficking in the country. Four women survivors tell us their stories and their work with the platform.

07 December 2019

Trafficking survivors want more focus on justice than their testimonies

As scattered groups across the country come together under one forum, bringing the trafficker into the dock will be the most critical challenge

21 November 2019

Human trafficking survivors form forum

With the intent to end all forms of human trafficking, over 2,500 survivors have come together to form the Indian Leadership Forum Against Trafficking (ILFAT).

11 November 2019

Trafficking survivors find their voice on a new platform

Around 2,500 survivors of all forms of human trafficking have come together in the last few months to form their own platform and develop

09 October 2019

Facing PTSD & Depression, Trafficked Victims Don’t Get Support

In 2016, the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of West Bengal, issued an order directing all health service providers