For Funders

If you are an organisation that is supporting anti trafficking projects in India, this is what we suggest and appeal to you:

Are you sure the projects you support do not victimise us? Are you funding shelters that force institutionalisation on us? Are you supporting projects wherein we are returned home and then you don’t hear about our rehabilitation status?

Please fund for legal services. We need good lawyers to file for victim compensation. We need lawyers who will challenge rejections of our VC applications by the State Legal Services. Check with your partner whether they are ensuring and helping us to apply for victim compensations.

Please evaluate what kind of mental health services are being provided to us. Are they based on PTSD or other proper assessments? What are the skills of ‘psychosocial counsellors’ who are poorly paid and lack skills in therapy?

Are your prevention projects aiding poverty alleviation, safe migration or strengthening vulnerability mitigation services? Or are they restricted to awareness generation?

Can you share your information and data on trafficking with us? It would be of great help to us and support our advocacy efforts. We will also learn from you about trafficking situations in your project areas.

ILFAT is currently supported by grassroots and civil society organizations in three ways:

cover costs for our meetings, our outreach work.

Secretarial Services – helping us to communicate with others, translations and introducing us to stakeholders

Technical Services – helping in making communication tools, managing our social media and giving us training on laws, policies and keeping us informed about various developments

For our sustainability and efforts to combat all forms of human trafficking in India, we need your support.

If you wish to help our movement, please do write to us at [email protected]

We will reach out to you for sure!