Apr 2024

Attended Leadership Next experiential workshop and conference in Delhi

ILFAT members participated in discussions on survivor leadership, highlighted the forum’s vision and growth, and explored avenues of collaboration with diverse stakeholders from the anti-human trafficking ecosystem.

Apr 2024

How survivor leadership can enable voices of human trafficking survivors

Highlights the importance of achieving gender equality and equity, underscoring the vital role of survivor leadership in empowering survivor’s voices.

Mar 2024

Stealing LIVES: 6036 trafficking victims in India 2022, Telangana reports high in South

Featuring case studies of members from Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu showing the challenges they overcame and embarking on a journey of economic independence.

Feb 2024

A video story with AajKaal-a leading Bengali newsportal

Covering the story of one of our male survivors from Chattisgarh- about his journey, challenges faced, and her work today as a survivor.

Jan 2024

Change story in collaboration with Humans of Bombay

“I might have been a victim, but today I chose to be a survivor” Watch the inspiring story of one of our members who is also a trafficking survivor from West Bengal.

Jan 2024

A video story with AajKaal-a leading Bengali newsportal

Covering the story of one of our survivors from West Bengal- about her journey, challenges faced, and her work today as a survivor.

Jan 2024

A session held in collaboration with St. Xaviers College, Mumbai

Khemlal Khaterji, member of ILFAT gave a session at Xaviers college sharing basic knowledge about the space of human trafficking along with th experiences of survivors.

Jan 2024

Khemlal’s change story in collaboration with Humans of Bombay

Read the story of Khemlal Khaterji, a labour trafficking survivor and know about the challenges he has faced and his growth while overcoming them.

Jan 2024

A video story with AajKaal-a leading Bengali newsportal

Covering the story of one of our survivors from West Bengal- about her journey, challenges faced, and her work today as a survivor.

Dec 2023

Child labour- a sad reality explained with @totomototales

Watch this illustration video to understand a child’s vulnerabilities, journey, and how you can be a part of the solution.

Dec 2023

Featured by Aradhana Chatterjee, an influencer

She featured the journey of Hamida- a survivor from West Bengal on how she turned her pain into purpose.

Dec 2023

विश्व का लगभग हर देश तस्करी से प्रभावित है

मानव तस्करी को लाभ कमाने के तीसरे सबसे बड़े स्रोत के रूप में पहचाना गया है. मानवाधिकार दिवस पर, यह लेख सर्वाइवर्स की कहानी दर्शाता है

Nov 2023

Wall of change created with Dr. Sarthak Dave's community

Together with Dr. Sarthak, a psychiatrist who actively advocates for and addresses important mental health issues we created a #wallofchange with messages received from his community for the survivors.

Nov 2023

Wall of change created with Tanya Appachu’s community

Together with Tanya, a lawyer influencer who talks about crucial issues, making the law accessible to everyone we created a #wallofchange with messages received from her community for the survivors.

Nov 2023

Wall of change created with Convocare from Vivekananda College

Students of Vivekananda College wrote inspiring messages for the survivors on a physical wall within their college.

Nov 2023

Wall of change created with We Are Yuvaa’s community

We partnered with We Are Yuvaa to transform the wall of shame, bearing societal judgments — into a #WallOfChange, with the message and support of the We are Yuvaa community for the survivors

Nov 2023

Introducing #wallofchange with Joganiyan, an illustration artist on the occasion of ILFAT’s 4th anniversary.

The video highlights the stigma that trafficking survivors face after their rescue and introduces the Wall of change.

Oct 2023

A Safe Space: Journey Of A Human Trafficking Survivor

Rehabilitation and reintegration of human trafficking survivors into society is a journey fraught with challenges

Oct 2023

There is a better way to tackle the problem of human trafficking

Survivor leaders- Tithi and Khemlal this article focuses on AHTUs, their importance, and the need to strengthen the existing AHTU network.

Oct 2023

Why do survivors of human trafficking need mental care? Opinion piece by ILFAT leaders

World Mental Health Day is celebrated every year on 10 Oct, the purpose of which is to make people aware of mental health and educate against stigma.

Oct 2023

Feature in the Better India Bangla on Mental Health Day

How provision of early support/ counseling help survivors in their healing journey

Oct 2023

Trafficked women: Mental scars as bad as physical, featuring experiences of ILFAT leaders

Multiple survivors share their experiences of mental trauma calling for proper counseling and rehabilitation

Aug 2023

Launched comic series Beyond Rescue: Post-Trafficking Survivor Experiences, in partnership with We are yuvaa

The comic focuses on highlighting the realities that trafficking survivors face post their rescue.

July 2023

Human Trafficking: The Alarming Case Of India’s Missing Girls And Women

The need for stringent laws to effectively curb the rising cases of trafficking in women and girls in India.

July 2023

Victim compensation eludes survivors of human trafficking in India, authored by survivor leaders

The legal provisions for compensation need to be victim-centric, and a more efficient system for accurate assessment of damages payable to the victim must be established

July 2023

Community-based rehabilitation crucial in integrating human trafficking survivors

The need for the reintegration of trafficking survivors through a community-based approach, focusing on awareness, education, healthcare, employment opportunities, and financial inclusion

July 2023

Enforce laws to give kids a better future

Better enforcement of the law to protect kids is the need of the hour.

June 2023

Acting against child labour

Reports suggest that while there is an overall awareness against child labour and child trafficking, however most people are unaware that victims can avail compensation.

May 2023

From victims to winners: Empowering women survivors of human trafficking, authored by survivor leaders

While commendable steps have been taken towards the prevention, protection, and rehabilitation of female trafficking survivors, there is a need for women survivors to rewrite their narratives and pioneer the anti-trafficking movement

Mar 2023

India Today-RPG Happiness Quest 2 | ILFAT: On their own terms

A collective launched by a sex trafficking survivor is helping thousands of others learn about their rights and carve a better life

Mar 2023

Trafficked by a Family Friend at 13, This Survivor Has Now Rehabilitated Over 4000 Girls

Nasima Gain, a 26-year-old human trafficking survivor was quick to say, “Lohe ko jitna peeto utna mazboot hota [the more you hit the iron, the stronger it gets],” when asked about her life.

Jan 2023

Trafficked by a Family Friend at 13, This Survivor Has Now Rehabilitated Over 4000 Girls

In 2016, she started the Utthan Collective along with other survivors to work for the rehabilitation of trafficking victims. She is also a survivor leader at ILFAT, the first national forum for survivors.

Dec 2022

New Ideas transforming law and justice win Agami Prize 2022

The prize was awarded to a national collective of trafficking survivors called the Integrated Leadership Forum for Anti-Trafficking (ILFAT) for their work in enabling survivors to be leaders for the sector.

Aug 2022

After escaping from human trafficking, i started working with survivors to support them

Sanjita Kumari from Jharkhand is a human trafficking survivor who is now working to support survivors like her across India

Nov 2021

Survivors Speak: Human Trafficking Victims Share Their Stories And What They Want From New Bill

The new bill seeks to prevent and combat trafficking in persons, especially women and children, to provide care, protection, assistance and rehabilitation to the victims while respecting their rights

14 June 2020

Trafficking survivors in Andhra call for restoring committees to support rehabilitation

With the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown impacting sex workers harshly, the collective, including leaders of Vimukthi and ILFAT (Integrated Leadership Forum Against Trafficking), has sought help from the government to provide alternate sources of livelihood, ration cards and monetary compensation.

11 June 2020

Crisis Of The Migrant Workers In India

The reason for the massive failure of implementation the several well meaning directives was the lack of a system in place.

02 June 2020

Four Human Trafficking Survivors Reveal Untold Horrors the Lockdown has Brought Upon Them

Offering a glimpse into the atrocities committed against women, she tells us, “Traffickers are coming inside the homes and scaring the women, telling them that if they step out of their homes, acid will be thrown on them, and their houses will be burnt down. Harassment has increased since the lockdown began.”

28 April 2020

'Death Will Come Faster': Without Ration Cards, AP Sex Workers Wait for Govt Aid amid Lockdown

Bhanu Priya, 25, a sex worker, managed to earn Rs 5,000 a month. The money allowed her to pay for food and rent and also raise her four-year-old son. For nearly two months, however, Priya has had no work or money. With the coronavirus pandemic forcing the country into lockdown, the business has dried up. With no ration card, transport and no savings, Priya is now at the end of her tether. "If this goes on, my son and I will die of starvation," she said.

10 December 2019

How 2,500 survivors have come together to start a forum to fight human trafficking

The Integrated Leadership Forum Against Trafficking (ILFAT) was formed to end all forms of human trafficking in the country. Four women survivors tell us their stories and their work with the platform.

07 December 2019

Trafficking survivors want more focus on justice than their testimonies

As scattered groups across the country come together under one forum, bringing the trafficker into the dock will be the most critical challenge

21 November 2019

Human trafficking survivors form forum

With the intent to end all forms of human trafficking, over 2,500 survivors have come together to form the Integrated Leadership Forum Against Trafficking (ILFAT).

11 November 2019

Trafficking survivors find their voice on a new platform

Around 2,500 survivors of all forms of human trafficking have come together in the last few months to form their own platform and develop

09 October 2019

Facing PTSD & Depression, Trafficked Victims Don’t Get Support

In 2016, the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of West Bengal, issued an order directing all health service providers