Mar 2024

Formation of ILFAT’s 1st Digital Subcommittee that works closely to manage and monitor ILFAT's online content and activities.

Feb 2024

ILFAT receives an additional cash reward of INR 5,00,000 as a second tranche of the 2022 Agami Idea Prize for its continued growth and progress

Dec 2023

ILFAT leaders Khem Lal and Suwash Kumar represented ILFAT at the Agami Idea Summit in Panchgani from December 1st to 3rd.

Dec 2023

Awarded ‘Best Public Affairs Campaign’ at the ICCO Global Awards 2023 in London.

Dec 2023

Incorporated as a Section 8 Company, in the name of Integrated Leaders ForumAgainst Trafficking.

Oct 2023

ILFAT won a Gold in “Public Affairs” and a Silver in “Non Profit” categories at the 2023 PR India Awards.

Sep 2023

ILFAT won a Silver in the "Best Use of Public Affairs" category at the 2023 Fulcrum Awards

Aug 2023

Won Gold in the category of "Public Affairs/Govt Relations" at the 2023 SABRE South Asia Awards

July 2023

ILFAT was invited to collaborate with the Journalism Centre on Global Trafficking for a reporting skill session to sensitize the journalists on how to engage with survivors.

July 2023

Won 2 awards at PRCA Gold Standard Awards 2023 under the categories of "Government Relations" and "NGO Engagement"

July 2023

Conducted a webinar in collaboration with the C20 GEWE Working Group and Chase India on implementation of Community Based Rehabilitation

May 2023

The first article authored by ILFAT survivor leaders themselves, called ‘From the victims to winners’ was published by The Week.

Apr 2023

ILFAT was invited to participate in the discussions at Civil20 Summit for the Gender Equality and Disability Working Group and our recommendations were shortlisted for inclusion in the C20 Policy Pack.

Apr 2023

Sunita Kar, General Secretary of ILFAT, participated as a speaker in the National Awareness Programme on ‘Anti-Human Trafficking’ that was organized by the National Commission for Women (NCW) and the Jammu and Kashmir State Govt.

Dec 2022

Awarded the Idea Prize 2022 by Agami, for being an initiative that could innovatively transform systems of law and justice

Aug 2022

ILFAT, in collaboration with Tafteesh, organised a convening of Members of Parliament (MPs) on the Trafficking in Persons (Prevention, Care, Rehabilitation) Bill at the Constitution Club of India in Delhi. The convening was attended by 7 MPs alongwith survivor leaders and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).

May 2022

Sunita Kar, General Secretary of ILFAT, participated as a speaker at the Lokmat Women Summit in Nagpur on the theme of “Udne Ki Asha” with influential female voices such as Zakia Soman, Rasika Dugal, Ketaki Jani and Sanjana Sanghi.

May 2022

ILFAT’S first Management committee was elected democratically.

April 2022

ILFAT leader Mehrunnisa was invited as a Chief Guest at a National Convening organized by FXB Suraksha and The Asia Foundation to launch a report on “Optimizing Screening and Support Services for Gender-Based Violence and Trafficking in Person Victims”.

Mar 2022

ILFAT leaders Piu Mondal, Sunita Kar and Khemlal Khaterji spoke at the SEWA CHETNA (Conference on Human Exploitation and Trafficking for National Awareness) Conference in Delhi.

Oct 2021

ILFAT leaders Piu Mondal, Sunita Kar and Khemlal Khaterji spoke at the SEWA CHETNA (Conference on Human Exploitation and Trafficking for National Awareness) Conference in Delhi.

Oct 2021

ILFAT leaders Rahima Khan and Ashish Kumar led a Panel Discussion on Human Trafficking organized by the Indiranagar (Bangalore) chapter of the Rotary Club.

Jul 2021

ILFAT participated in the Survivor Alliance World Congress to discuss barriers to survivor leadership and develop viable solutions.

Dec 2021

ILFAT leaders participated in the Kalinga Fellowship, a systems change societal leadership platform which aims to facilitate breakthroughs in thinking and strategy on gender equality. Since then, 30+ ILFAT leaders have participated in the Fellowship as thought leaders.

Aug 2020

ILFAT became the first ever survivor-led forum to be included on the Niti Aayog Sub-Committee on Human Trafficking and Bonded Labour.

Jun 2020

Raised Rs. 25 Lakhs through a crowdfunding campaign – “Rebuilding Migrant Lives” during pandemic.

Mar 2020

Recognised as contributors to the 230th Report on Atrocities and Crimes against Women & Children submitted to the Parliament of India, in which ILFAT’s recommendations were adopted.

Nov 2019

ILFAT was launched in Delhi with a roundtable with members of Parliament and journalists. And held meetings with the NCW, Ministry of WCD, Niti Aayog, and more.

Aug 2019

Survivor leaders reached out to 8 other collectives and named their alliance as Integrated Leadership Forum Against Trafficking- ILFAT

Jul 2019

Survivor groups from West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh met and decided to set up a national platform in collaboration with other survivors’ groups from across the country.

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Wall Of ShameChange
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The journey for human trafficking survivors does not end once they are rescued from their traffickers. Reintegrating into their community and healing from their experiences is a difficult process. During this time, they face a lot of stigma and shame from their communities, friends, and even family. Through this initiative, we partnered with influential creators and pages to show the survivors that they still have a community of support who are walking alongside them in their post-rescue journey.

In collaboration with

Dr. Sarthak Dave

We Are Yuvaa Youth-led platform

Tanya Appachu
Forbes featured lawyer

Convocare, Student initiative at Vivekananda College

Nitika Malik
Motivational speaker

Arouba Kabir
Mental Health Therapist

Survivors onboard
Survivor leaders trained
Collectives engaged with
Indian states tapped

Integrated Leadership Forum Against Trafficking (ILFAT) is a national platform by the survivors and for the survivors of human trafficking. It’s formed with a shared vision of having a nation free from all forms of human trafficking.

This forum is a platform for sharing insights, expertise and evidences relevant to trafficking in India and most importantly bringing our perspective on the table.

Watch the video to know our theory of change.


We feel valued and inspired, and find strength to build hope, and make a change in our own communities, amongst other survivors and fight our battles with traffickers and with corruption in the system.

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